The sweetest form of revenge is to end up happy!!

Actually it is the only form of revenge worth having.  It doesn’t hurt anyone else and is empowering and will give me a future not just worth having but one that will be truly exciting.

So with that in mind all I need to do now is Be Happy!!!

Be happy that the bill I received from my solicitor this morning was an eye watering £1100.00 – and we haven’t reached the end yet!

Be happy that the sun is shining

Be happy that I have another 10 days off work

Be happy that I can choose what to do without consideration for anyone else.

Be happy that I am healthy.

OK – Caroline – Just Do It!

So why is it so hard??!!  ‘Cos addictions are hard to kick – that’s why!  And I need to change my addiction to be an addiction for happiness and the future!!!

6 thoughts on “Revenge!

  1. At the rate you’re cashing out to the solicitor, have you considered dating him?
    Let’s see… 1100 (with that funny looking L thingie in front of it) divided by 17, that’s 64.7 (funny looking L thingies) per year. I’d call that cheap to get out of a situation that had definitely gone toxic. See… you just need to put everything in perspective, I do believe Ms. Creighton your glass is definitely half full. Enjoy your eleven days off, I expect to see a post seven days from now completely in French.. Due to all the time you’re spending in the bistro you had mentioned a while back! Tootle Pip Sweetie. AJ

    • Si tu veux que j’ecris en francais – alors – j’ecris!! J’espere que tu peux la comprendre. But I think I’d better stop as I have a shrewd suspicion there were too many errors in that sentence!! I must do my homework before this week’s lesson on Monday evening!

      Sadly the solicitor is female!!! And that’s just one third of the bills I’ve had so far!! But I do like your slant on the costs – and sorry about the funny looking £ thingies – they just happen to represent a currency with which I am sadly too familiar!!

      Life ain’t cheap as they say!!

      As always you have made me giggle – thank you!

      • Only kidding about the L’s (Pounds No?) sadly I don’t know how to make those on my keyboard and $$$ didn’t seem appropriate 😉 Be safe and Oh!That’s some nice Frenching there kiddo. Going to get the bee’s right now! See ya.

  2. I have a friend who keeps telling me that ‘the best revenge is living well.’ It took a while but I have come to believe it.

    Don’t get me started on attorneys’ fees. They’re the only people I know who bill in six minute increments. As soon as you say “hello” you’re billed for six minutes. Now, I have a daughter who’s an attorney but she works in the public sector (for the state university). I’m grateful she isn’t motivated by money. And that I can say these things about lawyers without offending my own offspring.

    Enjoy your time off.

    • Yup! 6 minute intervals here too!!! Nice to know some things are the same on both sides of the Atlantic!!

      Great isn’t it! And Alex’s solicitor has just introduced a whole stack of clauses into the Consent Order which haven’t featured anywhere else todate. Brilliant. So more fees for both of us!!

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