To those getting married today

I wish one particular and very special couple getting married today all the happiness in the world.

May they nurture and care for each other through all life’s ups and downs.

May they remember to communicate when the going gets tough – which it will at times.

May they remember to meet each other’s needs every day.

May they laugh and love and be happy at working at their marriage.

And above all may they continue to be themselves and grow through the wonderful life they have ahead of them.

One thought on “To those getting married today

  1. Caroline, you’re a gem, truly a precious cut of a person. Thank you so much for the very kind and heartfelt thoughts. The young couple shall be tested today with rain and snow in the forecast, but but it’s only rain and snow. There are likely to be greater challenges in they’re life together, than trying to find an umbrella in the brides colours.
    The bees install went in smoothly, well less the one minor sting, and my soon to be son in-law presented me with a set of honeybee cuff links and a pink tie, to be worn for the wedding… I do believe the young man was trying to make a point!
    (Yeah, I probably should haven’t listened to my daughter when she said, “It’s okay Dad it’s just a rehearsal, go take care of the bees.”) When will I learn never trust a woman to tell you the truth when they’re getting married, giving birth, or recked the car! Later Caroline, hugs. AJ

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