I still have a lot to learn!!!

I know don’t we all!!

I don’t really intend to turn this post into a lesson for life!

Apart from anything else – I don’t think I’m qualified!

It’s more to do with what I was taught last week – which in several cases hasn’t sunk in as well as I needed it to have done!

This applies to:

My French Conversation class!  – solution – do the homework!

My photography – solution – keep practising  – and yes there are only so many bluebell pictures one can take – and I may have reached saturation point!

Focusing on my future and using the technique I was taught last week to enable me to do so!   – solution – get him (the LC) to go over it all again.  Because try as I may I haven’t mastered it!  (OK I know trying doesn’t work – doing does).

I begin to wonder if I am just singularly inept or just stupid!!

I shall give up for today!!  The sun is shining fit to split the paving stones.  I’ve just had a wonderful morning visit from my favourite (and youngest) niece – who is a star in the making.  I shall listen to my favourite BBC Radio 2 broadcaster and forget my issues for the next 2 hours!

6 thoughts on “I still have a lot to learn!!!

  1. But isn’t it great that we still have a lot to learn? Just have to make an observation or two – your photos are absolutely stunning, you impressed the pants off me in answering a comment in french the other day and you are clearly neither stupid or inept. I also think it is just amazing that a women who has gone through what you have can articulate all your feelings so well. Oh and I just read on another person’s blog that it takes 21 days to form a habit so give yourself a chance with the new technique! I love reading your posts 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. It’s tough sometimes when you feel you can’t grasp something which seems tantalising out of reach!!

      And yes it is fun learning new things – when I actually achieve a modicum of success!

      Enjoy the sun – I’m listening Wogan – who I’ve always enjoyed and miss so much on the weekday mornings!! Wogan has a special place in my life as I used to be one of his TOGS who got read out – more often than not!!

    • It’s also the techniques that Stephen is teaching me to enable me to focus on a happy future – Huh! Seemed really easy last Wednesday!! Since when I seem to have lost it – as it were!!!

      Sometimes I feel a good dose of hypnosis is what I need! Either that or a brain transplant!!

      This all written with a rueful grin!

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