The Love List

Now this seems like something everyone should sign up for- though rather tough for us Suddenly Singles as the wish to focus on our Ex is somewhat overwhelming.

The Love List

4 thoughts on “The Love List

  1. I looked. I read a little of what he has written. “The faster couples learn that the answers are in giving love, and not in punishment the faster they will receive the love they crave.”

    How the hell do you give love to someone who has caused you nothing but pain?

    I think I’ll pass. I’m always sceptical about ‘guru’s’ who have all the answers.

    Happy May Day, Caroline.

    • He doesn’t have all the answers – they only come from within yourself. A little guidance doesn’t hurt and helps massively!

      Happy May Day to you too Katie!

  2. This is a “day late and a dollar short” for me I think.

    I do think I have a love for D today. It’s different now. None of that romantic stuff now. And I certainly don’t want him back.

    • This has triggered a lot of thoughts. I have a love for Alex today – and I still need to get to the “I don’t want him back” stage. I know I’ve now got to the point where I would question his commitment and I wouldn’t just ‘take him back’. So I still have a way to go to reach where you are!!

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