Damn the Dreams!

Poppy in my garden

At least during the day I have some semblance of control over my wayward thoughts.  I can decide which way to go.  Up or down!  But not when I’m asleep!

And having spent a large percentage of the last 24 hours asleep I have to say I’ve had enough of the dreams!

My body had got to total exhaustion stage yesterday and I slept most of yesterday afternoon, evening and then after a small window of wakefulness  – through the night!  Which does seem rather a waste of a day – but there was no alternative!!  So how come I still feel tired?  Well the dreams were chaotic, graphic, romantic and unfair.  So I woke – back into the reality – tearful and feeling wronged – all over again!!


Today is a Bank Holiday here in the UK so no work today.  I have my French class tonight to prepare for.

And I shall go over, yet again, what I learned at my LC session last week, and hopefully understand more of what I need to do – and possibly how!

I tell you one thing, dear reader, I’ve always said there are more questions than answers to this situation I find myself dumped in and that now applies to the LC sessions as well!!

I suppose the bonus is that, if I concentrate, the questions are forward looking rather than backward!  However, confusion still reigns!

Big Time!!!

6 thoughts on “Damn the Dreams!

  1. I have finally decided that having all the answers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    I still have unsettling dreams sometimes, too. I’m almost always still married in them. But my interactions with D are nothing like when we were married. I’m much more forceful than before. We’re more equal than before. I don’t know what that means. I guess an analyst could make hay with it but I’m not willing to pay for finding out.

  2. Sometimes talking to yourself, in that weird space between sleep and waking is the best source of good advice you will get. To act on the conclusions you reach in these heightened moments can present a genuine road out of current difficulties. I hope so at least

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