Name Change and NO Looking Back!!

OK – Step forward.  In fact many steps forward!

So out with “I can Survive and I intend to Fly” title of this blog:

And in with “I am Surviving!  And I’m about to Fly”

Life Coaching breakthrough today!   These moments are always good!  I learnt a great deal today!  Tough things.  Things that have kept me ‘stuck’.  So, as usual, quite a few tears!  (I wonder what it’s like having a job where you spend so much time seeing people weep!!).

But – and this is a big positive But – now I understand why and what was keeping me stuck – I can rewrite the rules I’d applied to my top values with better ones and ‘go for it’ as the saying goes.  And kill off the negative ones which were bad – and I do mean bad!

Very interesting and probably very baffling for those of you who haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about.

As AJ and I once agreed over a giggling FB moment “You sort of had to be there!”

6 thoughts on “Name Change and NO Looking Back!!

  1. Mazel Tov! You know by the time we reach 50 you’d think we’ve done all the growing we’re going to do. Thanks for having the courage to share with us, and show us, that personal discovery doesn’t stop at pubescence. Sorry I’ve been away from writing, life has kept me away tending to it’s minor interruptions. Like work!
    Chin into the wind Creighton! Tootle Pip!

    • Gosh how I’ve missed your comments! Hope you’re back ‘on line’ so to speak! Life has been somewhat illuminating over the last 18 hours or so.

      I may and try and put it down in words when my thoughts settle down a bit. All I can say this Life Coaching business throws up some really interesting stuff – not bad – good!!!

  2. Nice change. Funnily enough I changed my name because people said when they tried to find my blog, they could’nt. When I googled” WordPress,And another thing” quite a few blogs seemed to come up making me all the more invisible I fear I’ve now become “Riverside Man” owing to the view from my window. I also tried to put you in my Blogroll because I enjoy your blog, but failed to do that as well. Perhaps I should get a job in IT !

    • Hi – like the new name! I’d love to be added to your Blogroll – now come on – If I can do it so can you – it isn’t that difficult – just add the widget!!

  3. Love the new name! Although I don’t fully understand all the reasoning behind it, I still like that it is active rather than passive… Something you are doing with spunk and power at every moment rather than something you are chasing and will arrive at later point in the story. 🙂 Positive thought minute for the day… Check!
    xx – S.

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