24 hours on

So how do I feel today?  Well I still can’t put it all into words – which isn’t going to make this post that interesting!   I realise that!!  But I do feel “More in Control of Me”!

I’ve had ‘waves’ of happiness which I haven’t had for months.  Which are rather fun and good.  I’ve had a few giggles today.  Also good!

I’ve had moments of stunning confusion and moments of sadness.  But the sadness is not so heart wrenching as it has been.

It’s all a bit baffling really.  But in a nice way!

I think I may just be beginning to learn to be Emotionally Intelligent (as Stephen says). And maybe heading towards Emotional Freedom.  That’s what it feels like.

One thing I do know I’ve learnt.  I always thought Relationship Coaching was all about couples and not single people. But there’s a hell of a lot to learn and understand about the Relationship one has with oneself.  And I never thought of it like that until yesterday.  And understanding and loving the relationship I have with myself has been mind blowing.

Me understanding me is fascinating!!!

One day I may be able to write all this down in a clearer way. I can’t at the moment as my mind is still a bit ‘All over the place’!!

It’s all heading towards GOOD though!!!

I’ll stop this waffle now – before I confuse everyone!

4 thoughts on “24 hours on

  1. It’s great to hear that the clouds are clearing a bit and some sunshine is coming back into your life

  2. This is’nt about anything but just to say it’s “And Another Thing” who tried to do something technical with his blog and managed to delete it. It can’t be resurrected so I have to start again. Re-posting my forst post etc. If you can send me a comment saying what a blithering idiot I am then i will ry and add you to my blogroll. Many thanks

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