It’s all to do with Values

Listing my values in order of importance.

Positive Values and Negative Ones.  Setting good rules for the Positives and rejecting the negative ones.

So my list of Values that matter to me most (in order)


And the ones that I felt and believed in  – which were causing me such ‘sticking’ problems:
Low self-esteem

How and why I was applying the negative ones is a bit too personal to go into and – anyway – I don’t want to hurt others – so remain with me for now.  But it doesn’t take a great deal to see if I live by the negative ones then the conflict is immense.

And my rules – requirements  – for the positive ones to be met to the level that I felt I wanted were far too demanding and exacting.  So I had no hope of meeting them either.

So this week at Life Coaching Stephen had the pieces of paper back on the floor  – Now and Future  – getting me designing new rules for my good, positive values and rejecting the negative ones.

It’s good stuff!!  And it works!

I still haven’t grasped it all by any means yet!  And parts are really tough to stick to.  But it’s so interesting….!!

I seem to have homework!!  And it involves putting the pieces of paper on the kitchen floor and walking between the two.  I’m determined to drum this into my muddled mind!  And sort myself out to reach this positive future!

3 thoughts on “It’s all to do with Values

  1. I like that you can put your values in black and white. I have been sitting here for about five minutes wondering what my value list would be, and to be honest I have no idea. I am drawing a blank. I know I have values, and I know that when they are offended I know they are there, but it seems like I can’t define them… Hm. Maybe that is something to mull over later.
    Great post!
    ox -S.

    • Well Stephen (my Life Coach) made me find my top – wait for it – 50 some time ago. So I googled Values and copied the list into a spreadsheet and then deleted all the ones which meant nothing to me.

      Then I put each one on a blank card. It’s easier then to move them about and keep shifting them into some sort of order. I went through weeks of complete confusion over the whole process. And I still needed prompting this week to get me to come up with the ones I did!!!

      But it is a very interesting exercise.

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