I am beginning to feel that’s what some of this is about.  It is giving myself permission to understand what my initial reactions to statements/ideas are and to understand that, that  is my sub-conscious reaction. Then if my sub-conscious response is not how my edited response (the one I come up with when I give it some thought) is which is the one I prefer and am most comfortable with.

Blimey I hope this makes sense!!

And so if that’s the case how come it has taken me so very long (and a certain amount of expense I might add!) to get this far.  Why did I resist – and I can promise you, dear reader, I did resist – to facing and investigating this really quite interesting part of me!!

Why didn’t I give myself permission before?  And now having done so why do I still not sleep well and have bizarre and unhappy dreams?

Well, anyway, I’ve had a good weekend.  I’ve cycled, I’ve been to dinner with friends, I’ve been and helped out at the gliding club, I’ve NOT done my French homework, I’ve been very girlie and got a friend to come and do some small DIY sorting out rather than do it myself.  (Great for me not to be ‘in charge’ and good for them to feel they can help! – Everyone was happy!!).  And I’ve been framing some of my photos
(OK I know I’ve posted some of these images before but I’m still very fond of them!):

Mother and Child

5 thoughts on “Permission

  1. You have a lot going on here Caroline, maybe don’t worry about the why and just enjoy what you are finding out for now? As for the dreams – meant to be our subconscious dealing and processing. When I was in Spain they said we should write down what we remember about the dreams, especially the feelings rather than the specifics. Meant to have some learning and might make sense sometime. Good luck 🙂

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