Light Trails

I’m not good at homework.  I have this appalling habit of putting it off.  However this week I have been good – well not with the French homework – which I avoid like the plague!!  But I have been doing my LC homework.

I’ve had the pieces of paper on the floor (past and future), I’ve pinned up my values lists (positives and negatives) and stomped about in an attempt to focus on my positive future rather than my negative past!

It’s all a bit up and down really (which may be good for some things – but not necessarily for what I’m trying to achieve just now!  If you follow me!!).

And I’m not allowed to say I’m trying.  I either do or don’t.  Well may be I am just trying!!  Amazing the LC hasn’t wrung my neck yet!!  He is very patient.  Just as well really!!

Internet Dating Update:
The potential  suitors have all gone quiet. Pity.   They don’t know what they’re missing!

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