Values and Rules

I progress, dear reader, I progress.  Finally it’s all beginning to make sense.  Which is good all round.

Last week I mentioned my top Values. I didn’t go into the rules I had applied to them. Rules which have to be met for the value to be met.  I discovered – last week – that the rules I had applied to my Top Values were very rigid.  So rigid in fact that the values were rarely achievable.

Today, at Life Coaching, we started to apply new, simpler, rules.  These rules do not compromise my values.  In fact, in many ways, they enhance them.  But by dint of their simplicity they make the value reachable – achievable.

So my list of values (in order below) is now like this with the rules I feel I need to meet them & what I need from others (this is how it is today – but it is “Work in Progress”)

{Rule for me – I just do love me, To love me first. 
Rule for others: Just do}
{Me – I have to love me first
Others – To love me enough – fearlessly}
{Me – I have to have Courage, to believe in myself
Others – To say what they think/feel – fearlessly}
{Me –  I have to have the intelligence to know when to speak and when to stay silent
Others –   To have the intelligence to communicate calmly}
{Me – Loving me. Think before words
Others – I trust me to know.  To protect me}
{Me – To love and care for me
Others – When I’m heard}
{Me – To say NO}

We are all unique so the values and rules we need to function and live –  to the absolute best – will be different for each person.  The order of the list will be different for each of us. What I also find fascinating – apart from what I learnt today – is the process of discovery and the fact that this Relationship Coach has the gift and the patience to help me find out what mine are and then to help me improve  the Rules and so create a better life for myself

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