Enjoying Now!

All through this ‘process’ and by that I mean being dumped and finding my way out of my ‘Chilean Mine’ I’ve struggled with hanging on to the past and ‘facing’ the future.

My darling Dad’s favourite (and really rather profound) phrase was “Enjoy the journey”.  Now he said this with respect to my 140 mile daily commute!  It worked.  I have no problem with my 2-3 hrs in the car every day.  In fact it can be quite fun – a great time to listen to CDs and mull over my day!

My issue has been applying it to every day life and events.  This morning one phrase I read in a new book I’m reading triggered something so sensible and releasing (something which Stephen – my Coach – has been working on for weeks!).  Live in the present – whatever that throws at you – and enjoy the experience!  My ‘journey’ isn’t what’s going to happen tomorrow, this evening, this lunchtime, this morning, in the next hour or the next minute – IT’S NOW (I’m in it!).  And so it seems a good idea to enjoy NOW rather than waste NOW in worrying what might happen later!!  That doesn’t mean I can’t use NOW to plan what I might do later but I can use NOW to plan fun things, things that I’ll enjoy – and I include enjoying just being me – rather than worrying about a future which is a mythical entity I haven’t yet got to!  After all we all have a future (in some form or other) so using NOW to make it fun is far better than just sitting about worrying about it  – feeling scared about it – and then just accepting what’s dished up.  What we fear is what we get and if we fear getting more crap or not much of anything – then that’s what we’ll get!

And the past is the past. I am here in my NOW whether I like it or not – so I might as well like it!  After all not liking it isn’t going to change it!  So deciding to not only like it but be pleased (!!) that I am where I am is a far better thought process.

And enjoying being me and who I am is a must.  After all if I don’t enjoy being me who in hell’s name is going to “enjoy me” (in any aspect you care to think of!!)

OK – it’s now 6.30am – and I am now going to get ready to go to work.  I have a lovely 1hr and 20 minutes of Radio 3 and a lovely tranquil drive to work – which I shall enjoy!

More later!!  Have an enjoyable NOW everyone – and – please –  do let me know how your NOWs have been today!!

7 thoughts on “Enjoying Now!

  1. I so agree with that. It’s easy to let our anxieties overwhelm the moment and then it’s wasted. I love listening to my favourite music in the car. It is a great way to use “me” time. Enjoy the journey

  2. I understand what Stephen is telling you although its always so hard.
    I’m such a nostalgic person i practically live in the past, or in any case relish it.
    And of-course I’m a fantisizer as well, so I also live in the future, and constantly create it in my mind.
    So just like you, I’ve been told to stop putting bandages on before I even get bruised, and live in the now. I get it. Now the next question is: HOW???

  3. How? Indeed. What do you do when your NOW is tainted with pain and… well all that derives from pain. How do you enjoy the journey then? I have moments of enjoyment, but even those are edged with pain. Bah! I am sure it will get better soon… Hopefully.
    I sincerely hope that your nows get better and better!! … and mine stop getting worse! 😛

    • This is a difficult one. To ‘enjoy’ the pain is almost impossible. But to accept it as part of the healing process – may – in a very small way – make it just a tiny bit easier. Stephen (my Life Coach) puts it a great deal better than I can.

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