Enjoying the now! An amusing update

Ah!!!  It’s now 8.15am and I’ve been at work for 30 minutes!

I arrived to find (and then had to deal with):

  1. A blocked loo in the Gents loos
  2. A leaking coffee machine – water all over the floor – contactor phoned to come and repair. We still have  dirty water all over the carpets (which I had cleaned last week!!)
  3. The fact that the local youth had been using one of the car parks as a shooting range.  Coke can retrieved as evidence  – Police called.  Still need to check the CCTV records!
  4. The cleaners have gone ‘off message’ and need reminding they are supposed to actually clean rather than waft about!!
  5. (Added at 12.00) One of the skylights has sprung a leak and deposited brown mucky water all over a senior member of staff’s desk – so I’ve cleaned that up too!!!

I am enjoying my NOW!!  And I still have the rest of the day!! 

You see you just don’t know what the future is going to throw at you!!  Still it’s fun.  Today now has a purpose!!

(Oh yes and given I am now going to have to mop up all the water – I’m so glad I decided to wear white trousers to work today!!!)

Now what was I intending to get done today………….

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