Internet Dating!

As you know, dear reader, I have joined an Internet Dating site!

Initially my reaction to my action was one of abject horror!  What on earth had possessed me to do such a thing!  I’m not supposed to have to do this at my age.  This was not supposed to be my story.

Then, after a few days, and realising that not every wierdo, mass murderer or rapist,  on the planet was hell bent on contacting me, I’ve settled into a more relaxed frame of mind.

I don’t have to reply to all the messages, ‘winks’ and chats.  I can hit delete.  And hitting delete is what I did for the first week or so!!

Then it finally crossed my mind (I can be a bit slow at times!!!) that hitting delete to every message wasn’t going to get me anywhere and really I might as well start replying to a few of the more ‘hopeful’ messages, or I am just wasting my registration fee!

So I, very tentatively, replied to a few!  Then – Huh – I’ve not had responses!!!   Indignation!!  Don’t they realise – these potential suitors – they are expected to reply!!!  Good grief!!

Mark you anyone who suggests we take up texting (sounds rather intimate doesn’t it!! – written like that)  is on a hiding to nothing!   It will take a great deal for me to give out my mobile no.  Apart from the fact that now I have a touch-screen phone I can’t text!!  I can’t even answer it when it rings without cutting the person off!!!

So  – so far – I’ve got nowhere!  But had a certain amount of amusement in doing so!

I will keep you updated on ‘progress’!!

6 thoughts on “Internet Dating!

  1. I’m laughing. Step 1: Do a telephone tutorial just in case someone interesting comes along. Actually, I guess that would be Step 2. Just registering with the service was the first step; and a big one at that. I haven’t been willing to do that.

    I’m betting that when the time is right, something good will happen.

  2. Good Luck! My sister and her new husband met on LavaLife. I read somwhere that internet dating has become the number one way to meet new partners, and even friends if there is no passion but there is compatibility.

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