Come to terms with your tripod

I’ve been out early taking photos by the lake.  Part of my ‘improve my photography skills’ and ‘create new memories’ campaigns.

Remembering what I was taught on a photographic course I went on a while back, I took my tripod with me!  Coming to terms with one’s tripod is a skill worth learning!   Mine seems to take over – it’s all legs and extensions and I never seem to have the thing adjusted correctly.  It could always be a bit better!!  And it’s the same with the photos (all 500 I took this morning!) – Some are OK-ish, but most were pretty bad!!  I invariably adopt the take lots approach and hope a few will be good.

I think I need to put more thought into it rather than the ‘hope it will be OK’ approach.

A bit like life really!!  I need to come to terms with all life’s tripods.  And actually that means taking steps to make sure I set things up better,  focus better and make sure I press the trigger when the sun sparks through and lights up the eyes of the subject – whatever that is.   I need to accept that not all the results will be good.  Acknowledge there will be failures and down moments and learn from them. But really enjoy the good bits and not dismiss them as flukes!

6 thoughts on “Come to terms with your tripod

  1. The key is the F-stop baby ! It’s all a matter of finding the perfect F-stop adjustment.

    Love the comparison of photography to life. Picture perfect is in the eye of shooter, as is a perfect life. AJ

  2. Inspiring, as usual. Great, analogy! Maybe I should invest in a tripod? It might teach me patience, and that imperfection is ok as well!
    Ah! A short comment! (Although I could write more because I really love your life/tripod comparison.)

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