A momentary aside

Yesterday I resurrected another ‘side’ of me and sent an email to my favourite radio broadcaster (who used to do the breakfast slot on BBC Radio 2 – national station for those of you not in the UK) and now just does a show on Radio 2 on Sunday mornings.

Ha!  I must have cheered up –  he read it out!  So Tansy is back (even if he didn’t read out her name!!).  Still I’ve put the email on her blog!  (yes she has a blog with all the posts she sent and which were read out – and no Tansy is not my real name! – nor is her surname of  Whitebytts!!!)

4 thoughts on “A momentary aside

    • Yes it did. ‘She’ had a certain amount of success when Wogan did his breakfast show. If you google ‘her’ name – you will see how much!!! She even got in one of his books!!!

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