A truly dreadful supper!

I’ve just completed a rather long day (I got to work by 7.50 am and finished at 7.00pm!) and what with the 2 1/2 hrs in the car – all in all I’m rather shattered!

And just for the record – ham, taramasalata, houmous and new potatoes swimming in butter is a truly dreadful, sickly combination.  Especially as I’ve gone off taramasalata and houmous (god knows why I keep buying them!!  I think I keep hoping I’ll like them again – but I don’t!!).

And my mail seems to be winging its way to my old address and hiding – somewhere – and not amongst the builders’ rubble – they’d have spotted it!  This despite filling in redirection forms.  My brother has just delivered a whole lot of mail which has been missing – presumed dead – for the last month.  Including cheques which I’ve just asked to be re-issued!!  It appears the Royal Mail decided to ‘look after it’ for a while – just for fun!!


8 thoughts on “A truly dreadful supper!

    • Thank you!! I can’t imagine how I managed to create such a dreadful meal with such speed and efficiency!! I’m truly impressed with myself! It would have won top award for the meal no-one wants to eat!! And on the mail front at least it’s all turned up – finally – though maybe other stuff is lurking in the shadows of Royal Mail’s secret hiding stash….. who knows!!

      • Tarantula Dip, how on earth did you think that might ever be palatable! If you plan on catching a wooer with you’re culinary wiles, stay away from things that sound like spiders, or have fish eggs in the larder list.

        Beans and Franks… Franks and Beans 😉 Aj

        • I still feel ill at the very thought of it all!! Clearly my mind stops working (when it comes to food) after about 9.00 at night!! And make of that what you will!!

  1. Have you ever tried to make “home made” houmous. It’s always better than the bought stuff. Mind you, you might already be eating your own in which case this advice is useless. I hope today is better for you

    • No I’ve never tried making my own. Just now I’m feeling rather ‘off put’ by the whole experienc.e I think it was the taramasalata which was the ‘killer’ – it tasted metallic. The mere thought of it is making me shudder!!!

  2. Hey Caroline,
    Today is another brand new day, and today only positive things will come your way!
    Keep your chin up, I am cheering for you!! Give me a c-C! Give me an a-A! Give me an r-R! Give me an o-O! Give me an L-L! . . . I think you get the idea.
    Have a great day!

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