A little blog tweaking

I’ve been doing a little tweaking and I’ve changed the tagline of this blog to:
“From Dumped to Diva – Recovery from a Marriage Meltdown”

As it seemed a little more forward looking and where I intend to end up.

I’ve had a few more ‘interesting’ emotions these last few days – which I have kept to myself, dear reader, as I found them so strange, bizarre, unsettling and – in a way – surprising.  I wanted to discuss them with Stephen today at my Coaching session – but it got cancelled – so I’ve had a phone chat today – and I’ll get this week’s session on Saturday.

So that being said – what have these emotions been.

Well mainly masses of Contempt for Alex, a good dose of anger, rage, fury, sorrow, tears – I could go on – but I’ll spare you all!!

Having had my chat with Stephen I gather this is all very healthy.

Yippee!!  I’m so enjoying it!!

(Oops –  clearly I should also add sarcasm (In a nice way!) to the emotions list!!)

I gather all these emotions and mood swings are part of me finding, understanding and being the real, true me!!

What fun!

And today’s health challenge was all about hugs.  And how we all need hugging as it’s really good for our wellbeing.

Oh Bu**er – I don’t have anyone to hug!!

And I DO NOT intend to hug Mr Friday!!  How ever nice he turns out to be!!  Just in case any of you had thought of that as an idea!!!

Looks like my teddy bear is in for another friendly evening!

9 thoughts on “A little blog tweaking

    • !!! Yes – the only way!! Just feels a bit as if I’m going through this twice – but differently! If that makes sense.

      I pinched the teddy pic of the internet – but mine is very similar!!

  1. Boy Do Ever I hate it when I screw up a post!;
    Oh the tales that Ted could spin; if you caught a hint from that furry little grin!

    Now that’s a bit better, of course it ain’t quite Tansy quality but… there are children watching for crying out loud!!

  2. Just thought I’d add something else. There is a scene in a film called “Jab we Met” (or near enough. It’s Bollywood. Two people meet up in an odd way on a train journey. Later on she is in dispair as the man who she loved and who led her on, if your still follwing me, has spurned her. Her new friend gets her to phone him and pour a stream of insults down the phone at him, getting “it” all out. After the call she begins to smile and the healing starts in earnest

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