Insecurity Baggage!

These past few weeks have been fascinating. Regardless of the emotions I have been going through on a personal front, what I’m also finding interesting is the effect that all this life coaching is having on my everyday life. This applies, perhaps, more in work situations than social ones but nonetheless I seem to be becoming much more observant of how other people behave and react in different circumstances. I suddenly seem to be “seeing” little ‘insecurity bubbles’ floating above my co-workers as they fight to defend their corner  – as they try to bully, dictate or demand. The way they don’t listen because they’re too wrapped up in what they feel has to be the outcome of a particular meeting – often based on their own preconceived notions of their own self importance and position!!

I want to suggest to them there just might be another way. That how they are now could be restricting the opportunities they have to get so much more from their job and the people around them!

How they could be missing so many new ideas by being so closed in their outlook. And that listening and being open to others ideas doesn’t mean they would lose face – on the contrary – they would gain so much more.

We all have baggage. It’s all part of who we are. We can’t get rid of it but we can learn to understand why it’s there, what we packed into it and why, and by understanding it we can choose to deploy it or not!

We can, if we have a mind to,  keep the cases locked and do things differently – so opening up new possibilities and different outcomes.

OK – so now all I have to do is – Do It!!  And that – of course – is the hard part!!

12 thoughts on “Insecurity Baggage!

  1. Great post! It is so true that you an see little insecurity bubbles floating around people. What I find more interesting is that it is often easier to see others bubbles and so hard to recognize you have one of your own.

    • I agree – and that’s what the life coaching has helped with. At least I now see my own and by seeing my own I am now learning how to deal with them.

      Thanks for the hugs too.

  2. It is addictive people watching isn’t it? For those of us not working we can get to see all that baggage on say, The Apprentice or this weeks episode of Waterloo Road with the hapless teacher so un-self aware! It is indeed always easier to see it in others 😦 – but so long as we keep being open to learning from them makes it even more fun to watch 🙂

  3. I think all too often we treat our “baggage” as a burden; when in reality, like you point out it is the experiences of a life time. They make up the sum total of who we are, bad, good, we really don’t get to choose what goes in the trunk. Stowed away, they are there for us to draw upon; wisdom, insight, fear, prejudice. Although we may not get to choose what goes in the trunk, it is that which makes us human, that allows us to choose what we pull out to wear for the occasion.
    I think I read that in a fortune cookie somewhere. So pick out something nice to wear for Friday night would ya? AJ

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