The First Date!!

I set out from home – newly showered, hair washed, small amount of make up applied and  prettily dressed and feeling somewhat nervous!!

Arrived at the venue on time.  I am an ‘on time’ sort of person really and I didn’t think it would be good to be late – or early for that matter!

“Mr Friday”  was already there – so a plus point. It’s quite a strange thing this blind dating isn’t it.  What on earth do you talk about.  That first 30 seconds when you sum the person up at speed.  Their mannerisms, how they look, so much is decided in those first initial moments only to be changed and modified as the evening progresses.

My initial reaction was to run!!  I don’t know why – I just wanted to bolt!  However – being a kindly and polite soul – I didn’t!!  But I did stick to drinking water all evening!! Don’t ask me what that has to do with anything – it just seemed important that I told you that – dear reader!!

So we progressed to dinner and chatted away about lots of things. Though I don’t really feel I needed to learn quite so much about his ex – but he still works with her and he did the breaking up bit.  So well done her I suppose.

But I felt very guarded about telling him much about me.   I felt I had to be oh so careful about what I ‘gave away’.  OK I probably said more than I think I did but I kept very quiet about where I actually live, who I work for…..  I just didn’t feel I wanted to divulge very much!!

We must have got along quite well as we didn’t leave the pub until 10.30 – so that was 2 1/2 hrs of chat!

All was OK until we left when he asked for a hug and Wow did I react – and no, dear reader, not positively!!  I froze.  Big time!!

A quick peck on the cheek would have been fine.  Just DON’T ASK!

So good to get out and be bought dinner!!  And I have no idea if I want to see him again or not.  Of course – surprising as I am sure you’d all agree – he may not want to see me again!!  Though that, of course, is hard to believe!!

Thanks for ‘watching over me’ everyone.

Night, night


10 thoughts on “The First Date!!

  1. Very amusing apart from everything else. I’m glad you’re back and safe. I often think it’s better to have quite a long email, then phone contact before you actually meet then some kind of connection is already established. This way the pleasant non-starters have withered on the vine or page or whatever. By the time I met my partner we had been emailing and talking for 2 months and some kind of connection was already established. I could write a whole article about this but I don’t think I should use your comment section to do it !

    • I think you are completely right. I learnt a great deal last night on what not to do and how to do things differently in future. And meeting too soon is something I shan’t repeat.

      I hope you write the article – I think it would be wonderful to read and – from where I am – very valuable!

      Thank you!

  2. I think you have my email through my comments, and I yours so I would be happy to share my experience with you. It might be useful to have the male perspective. I ended up in a very good relationship so not all the gloom merchants are correct, and emailing for a period lets you get a much better handle on were the other person is comming from.

  3. Oh, my dear Caroline. I say this because although you are older and wiser, this post just made me feel like we could get together put on some jamies, make some nice Roobios and laugh! I haven’t come by in a couple of days, my inability to sleep finally caught up with me and I sorta crashed for a few days. I spent most of my time in bed drifting in and out of sleep, which is what I should do regularly so maybe it wasn’t a bad thing. Anyways, because I took more meds than usual I just kinda drifted through um… six? seven? days… I say all this because I had this peculiar feeling of coming back to a friend and seeing what they have been up to for the week. I thought that comment might have needed a little back up… Sorry, I am babbling.

    I am so glad you put yourself out there. Although the experience doesn’t sound like it was over the moon enjoyable there is a tone of lightness to this post. I admire your courage, but countingducks is right, interent safety and trust should come before meetings. But you did it right, public place ect… Look at me, I sound like I think I am wise enough to offer advice… Not so, just gentle concern.

    • I’m so glad you’ve re-appeared – I’ve been concerned. And thank you for yours. It was a funny evening – for all the wrong reasons probably – as my dating tips explains!! But I’d made sure I had some ‘parental backup’ to look after me.

      But yes I will go even more carefully next time.

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