And the last date!!


Poor Mr Friday – I’ve consigned him to the:  ‘dates I have known but don’t want a second helping’  file!!

And Why your may ask?  (Or not of course! – that’s completely your choice!)

Well firstly I’m not into boats.  He is!  They encompass his entire life.  His business, his hobbies, everything.  He is a ‘boat person’ – though not of the Vietnamese origin I hasten to add!!  – well he didn’t look like one!!

Secondly -I don’t want to be ‘lunged at’!  And, at the end of the evening,  I knew he was going to!

Spotted it in the look!

He had a ‘I fancy a lunge’ look.  Now given my ‘return look’ was one of a definite – ‘please don’t’ then actually a gentleman would have respected my space.  He didn’t.  So end of story. 

I feel far more comfortable about life now I’ve made my decision not to let this person into my life again.  So when he contacts me I shall decline further invitations to meet.  This of course is based on the fact that I’m expecting him to contact me!

Good grief – why wouldn’t he!!!!!

(I look forward to your comments/views!)

10 thoughts on “And the last date!!

  1. Well if Mr. Friday is no good there’s always Mr. Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday etc.
    I’m sure one of them will be more to your liking.
    But definately glad you made that first step.

    • Yes so am I. It’s a sort of ‘mini-hurdle’ I’m glad I stepped over! But I’m going to make sure I get to know the next one a bit better for actually meeting.

  2. And why wouldn’t he indeed! Of course he will.

    I’m up early this morning and you’ve started my day with a chuckle. Thanks. And BTW, I love the sinking boat. Love your sense of humor.

  3. My goodness you have gone from first date to last date and I nearly missed it all! I’m definitely feeling ‘slow’ this weekend. Anyway enough about me – you’ve been on at date! How cool is that? You’ll be an old hand before you know it and yes maybe get to know them a bit more before meeting? But who knows there is no tried and tested formula. Good for you for going at all – could you even have imagined that a year ago?
    Funny post about it too! Love the picture 🙂

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