When the trees close in

Stephen (my life coach) has written a very apt post today on his relationships blog.  One that describes so completely what I’ve been through.  I needn’t repeat it  – just click – his words are good!

Coming out of the dark place (my Chilean mine in my case)  has been disorientating!!

The larger landscape – my future – seemed to get lost.  Yes I’ve had moments of exceptional clarity.  My 6ft and 30seconds moment was incredible – and I do keep reminding myself of that step change.

But I felt as if I’ve been catapulted into a forest – with lots of lovely trees – but no path.  No route.

There is a mass of wisdom in the phrase “Can’t see the Wood for the Trees”.  Seeing the Wood – the bigger picture – the landscape – makes a massive difference.

My adventure – the one I want buckets of – may not involve too many trees (though the occasional forest is fun as the birdwatching can be more varied) – but sure as hell it involves a mass of deserts!

Salt pans

Because deserts are wonderful wide open spaces where you can see for miles.  Where the world opens up in front of you and the possibilities are endless, timeless and breathtaking.  Where you feel the power of the universe, you can see the stars in the night sky, unpolluted by lights on earth, where just standing and looking is the most humbling, magical experience, where my spirit soars and I forget who I am and why.  Where I just am.

To stand with someone and soak up the wonderment of the experience is just all encompassing and consuming.

Sunset at the salt pans on Kubu Island

If I hadn’t married Alex I would have missed all that and never known what really sets my soul on fire.  Where my spirit dances in the early morning sunrise and sings with the warmth of the day at sunset.  And for that I’m so glad I did.

I had forgotten.

I’m so glad I’ve been reminded.  Because now I remember what IS important to me and what I need to strive to re-capture – along with lots – no masses – of other, new adventures. (And I don’t need Alex to be there to get that buzz within me – because I create the buzz myself)

6 thoughts on “When the trees close in

    • Thank you! It hasn’t always been thus! You only have to read some of the pages and older posts! (if you can face them!!). But I do feel as though I’m getting there now!

      BTW I have joined Parship! Haven’t paid anything yet!

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