The easiest phrase to say is “I haven’t got time”  when actually we can all make time to do things we really want to do never mind how busy we are.

For me I avoid my French homework – because “I don’t have time”. When actually I want to do it (really I do!!).  I just can’t be bothered to make the effort – which is just plain silly!!

I used to avoid doing my Life Coaching ‘homework’ as I was scared of what I might find within me. Scared I wouldn’t know how to cope with the me I’d kept locked away.  And – oh so stubborn!!  After all being the me I thought I was and was reasonable happy with had kept me safe for the past n years so why unearth and examine it all. 

Wrong!  Not only have I discovered it’s OK.  I’m beginning to feel safer than I’ve felt for ages (years).  And the support (from emails to phone calls)  I get from my LC (between sessions) has actually meant I’ve felt safe as I’ve gone through the process.  I should have taken that leap of faith/trust earlier!!  I should have invested more time in me rather than wasted time barking up the wrong tree – so to speak!!  Recently I have invested more ‘time’ in my homework and, as a result, life is improving – and at a faster pace I think – no doubt Stephen will let me know if I’m wrong!!

I love making time for writing here and also taking my round trip to the other blogs I follow.  I love making time to comment on their blogs, to take time to understand what they are going through and to throw up the odd idea and view which may, in some small way, help as they’ve helped me, dear reader – and continue to do so (I hope!!!)

We all have time.  I hope I’m beginning to use mine better!

Now where’s that French homework – I have a lesson tonight!!!

7 thoughts on “Time!

  1. Sounds like you’re making good progress. Keep it up.

    Now lets talk about your French homework…just kidding. I could analyze why you won’t do it but I would be guessing so I won’t. I do think it’s good that your LC homework has a higher priority than French.

    Hope you’ve had a good day.

    • Having just got home with a splitting headache I’ve bowed out of French this evening. I am – however – going to read my Bien-Dire magazine rather than just admire the cover!!

      I am determined to get my French back to how it was when I returned to live in England having spent 2 years in Paris!! I loved being able to chat away so well – and it’s all good for the ‘little grey cells’ as they say!

  2. Happy you have time for blogging, and reading blogs, for going on date(s), and for your homework which you seem to like more than any reasonable person would dare to let on;) That being said J’ai pas le temps aujourd’hui. Occupé Occupé Occupé …. au revoir.

  3. I’m glad you make time for blogging, Caroline. Your post is a great reminder to me to stop letting life get in the way and to make more time for the things that matter. Step by step, inch by inch, we’re all making progress.

    • We are indeed making progress – even if today I appear to have set off for the recreation ground and jumped on the slide rather than the climbing frame!!

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