Strengths and Values & their NEW order!

I’ve always promised myself that here I will be 100% honest. So that includes what I learn how (as best I can) I’ve learnt it, and how things have changed within me as I’ve progressed.

Before I started to write this post I searched my own blog to find what else I’d written on this very important subject!

I came across this post (click) and AJ’s very amusing comment – which for reasons which escape me I didn’t respond to!  Sorry AJ.  Actually you made me giggle then and again this evening!  Thank you.

I’ve also bought a book (at Stephen’s suggestion) called Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath.  It arrived this morning.  At the back of the book you get a code which you feed in on a website and then carry out an assessment.  So today I learnt what my 5 top strengths are.  They are Positivity, Communication, Arranger, Achiever and Activator.

They feel true to me.

The book goes on to give you action plans and lots lots more.

The results – which I haven’t read in depth yet have, however, given me a feeling of Yes I am OK being who I feel I want to be.

Anyway back to the subject of my Values and how after ‘floundering around’ on my own, I now, with Stephen’s help,  have a list of 10 – in a new order and with new Rules which are good for me and aren’t so severe they can never be met.

This is what I’ve been working on with Stephen over the last few weeks.  What I find fascinating is we revisited my original 10 and the Rules I had set them originally.  Well those Rules have gone right ‘out-the-window’.  It’s amazing how in just 2/3 weeks things have changed. And changed for the better.

So my list today (I’ve just got back from my LC session) is like this:

  Value   Rule
1 Growth Overall I grow when I learn something challenging.  Committed to learning about life
    Me I become committed to everything I believe in – My Values
    Relationship I will feel growth in the relationship if the person gives and is committed to helping me become the person I want to be
2 Love Me I just do.  To love me first
    Others Just do
3 Courage Me I have to love myself
    Others To love me enough – fearlessly
4 Intelligence Me I have to have courage to believe in myself
    Others To say what they think/feel fearlessly
5 Trust Me Loving me. Think before words
    Others I trust me to know.  To protect me
6 Respect Me I have to love and care for me
    Others To treat me with respect.  When I’m heard
7 Strength Me To say NO
8 Security Overall/Me I trust me to make decisions which are in alignment with everything I value
    Relationship I will feel secure in a relationship when the person is committed to helping me become the person I want to be
9 Adventure Overall Danger at some level (calculated risk).  Adrenalin. Giving me storytelling
10 Significance Overall I feel significant when I feel people genuinely care
    Me I will feel significant when I meet all of the above values

I’ve printed them out so I can carry them around with me.  There to help me when I feel unsure what to do.

So that’s it really for now. I don’t think I have anything more to say this evening.

6 thoughts on “Strengths and Values & their NEW order!

  1. I’ve always thought the power to say “No” is one of the keys to happiness, but I’m happy to say “Yes” to your blog which I think records a brave and interesting journey

  2. I’m with AJ on this one. I’m still laughing. He’s funny. I was thinking the same thing as I re-read the old blog. My eyes popped wide open when I saw 70. Holy cow.

    On a serious note–Your ten are probably manageable for you since some of them overlap a bit. I would probably have to narrow it down to 3-5 lest I suffer improvement overload. I really mastered the KISS theory when I was teaching teenagers.

    You’re doing great!

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