Gremlin Attack…

I’ve decided to call my ‘crashes’ gremlin attacks, as that’s what it feels like.

Overwhelmed by some sort of alien invasion which consumes my mind. When it feels that fighting is useless because the ‘real me’ isn’t going to win.

OK so yesterday I got ‘attacked’!!   The invasion was swift,  from ‘all sides’ and ruthless.  And of course I was responsible.  I must have been – no-one else  was around!  What I did to trigger the attack I have no idea.  But looking at my Values list this morning I have to say I failed to give myself any of them.  So that was a good start!!

The first invaders set up their attack sometime during yesterday afternoon when I was out at a pub with friends!  I set up a retreat from the gathering which I then executed with my usual dexterity!  (I think it’s because one of the group is someone who I really don’t like – poor chap – so the thought of an evening in his company was just too much to take!).

I got home to find no power.  Cheeringly one of my neighbours, also without power, was doing nothing to get anyone to rectify the situation.  He said he felt “powerless” – correct we all were ‘powerless’ – but a phone call (by me) got someone into action mode!!

I’ve no idea when the power was restored – I went to bed when it got dark.  My mood collapsed along with the light and I was in a really dark, weepy place before I finally fell asleep.  I shall spare you the details of where I ‘went to’ as I’m sure it doesn’t take a great deal for you to work out!!!

Not much better first thing this morning.  But I’m rallying, dear reader, I’m rallying.  The fight is back on.

My ‘alter ego’ has just had an email read out on her favourite Sunday morning show (11-1 on BBC Radio 2) – so I’m pulling myself out of the mire!

It is a pain though.  And so totally Stupid.

My Values List is right in front of me and I’m focusing on them with everything I can give.

And my apologies for the negative – but that’s the way it is today.

6 thoughts on “Gremlin Attack…

  1. Those demons or gremlins do ‘grab us by the throat’ don’t they! I used to find that I felt very ‘single’ over weekends and holidays …. I began to gravitate away from well meaning ‘kind’ couples and wanted only to be with singletons for a while. Sometimes I was the most consummate actress and at others it was just plain impossible!

    One old adage is certainly true … ‘this too shall pass’ … you know this and it’s half the battle but it’s a tough old battle and the journey might help you to grow but it’s a painful process.

    Think how far you’ve come and where you’ll be this time next year … alive and kicking!
    Maybe even ‘kicking ass’ .. giggle 😀

    • You are absolutely right. It is passing already. My ability to see the funny side of life is me saviour. It was just so irritating last night!!

      I’m doing better this morning. Bruised but recovering!! Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Those devil gremlins come right out of the blue, don’t they? But we’re way tougher than they are and we will prevail. I hope you have no reason for tears today but if you do, ride it out with the knowledge that it will get better. I promise!

    • Yes I will get through. Tearful today which is a pain. As I said on a reply to another post – I appear to have decided to go to the recreation park today and hopped on the slides rather than the climbing frames.

      Not good!!

      And these ‘attacks’ leave you feeling completely washed out and drained don’t they.

    • Thank you. Today has been a low day – recovery is being very slow – and exhausting!

      A good night’s sleep will hopefully help. And thank you for your faith in me.

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