OK – so who’s out to ‘get me’!!!

I’m being plagued this weekend!!   First a power cut on Saturday night.  Then my main PC seems to have decided it doesn’t want to be a PC anymore – just a metal box!   Errors all over the place and – of course – who hasn’t been backing up the data for the last 4 months – ME!!

My laptop is working  so I can connect with the outside world but it doesn’t like printing anymore!!

Issues abound.  I hate it when things go wrong.  But I’m being rescued – and not by Alex for once.  I haven’t resorted to contacting him.

On the happiness front I’ve recovered.  Well – more correctly – I’m back on track.  I have ground to make up but I’m going forwards again!

Enjoy your day everyone.  I’ve just spent 5 hours in the freezing cold giving out campaign leaflets.

4 thoughts on “OK – so who’s out to ‘get me’!!!

    • I wish we could choose days when it’s warmer!! I now know why students riot when they demonstrate – they just want to keep warm!!! Still we are determined to stop our Council in its tracks.
      If you are interested just google GASP Booker and lots of info will be yours!!

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