Mission, Vision and Mantra

Probably all of us could do with a mission statement!  Something to aim for.  Actually we probably need a few so we can cover several aspects of our lives to give us that rounded future which gives us growth.

On the relationship front I now have this (which is turning into a mantra I have recited to myself – endlessly – since yesterday)

“I deserve to be loved, cared for and protected by a man who will do his utmost to keep me safe.

To do that I have to love and trust me every day and all the time.”

By the way I’m finding it harder to say – with 100% honesty – the phrase “I don’t love Alex”  this morning.  Clearly addiction breaking is hard work.  But the mantra helps.  So do all the sheets of flip-chart paper I now have strewn over my kitchen floor reminding of my LC session yesterday!!

Goddammit I can do this!  There’s a lot to be said in the words “I wanna break free”  (Freddie Mercury – Queen)

4 thoughts on “Mission, Vision and Mantra

    • Thank you! I have a very tenacious streak in me – which can backfire on occasions, as I find it incredibly difficult to ‘let go’ something I believe in whilst at the same time having a determination to ‘move forward’! Bizarre.

      But at least I’ve given up naming and framing the gremlins – which, as predicted, was met with some level of amusement and incredulity by Stephen!!!

  1. Oh, yes! These words “I wanna break free” were like a mantra for me during a long period of my life. But it’s done!
    Now I’m living with another mantra ).
    You can do it, I’m sure )

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