What is Love?

At my LC session last Wednesday Stephen asked me to write down what love meant to me. To describe and put into words what love is.

I couldn’t think what to write so ended up with this list:

Trust, Care, Giving, Honesty, Mutual Attraction, Security, Mutual Significance, Commitment, Lust….

I gave up at this point as none of the above ‘hit the nail on the head’ .

Stephen then wrote on my flip-chart sheet and asked me if this summed up love for me:

Love is How I feel about me when I’m with him!

Correct!  Stuff the lists and the search for words. For me that phrase does describe love.  After all it’s what comes from within ourselves that matters.  It’s what we give ourselves when we are with the person we love.

5 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Not too much to be said, after that kind of wisdom has been thrown into the mix. Couldn’t agree more, now get out there and get some!

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