I still feel as though he ‘shot’ me!

I do still feel at times (and by no means all the time anymore!)  as if I got shot (though not fatally!) when my marriage imploded:

My LC has written on Love today on his blog:

“What is Love Really”

Personally I find his post worth reading.  As you can see it’s his theme for this week as this is what we talked through, amongst other things,  on Wednesday – as my posts on Love show!

6 thoughts on “I still feel as though he ‘shot’ me!

  1. I’ve always found it interesting that if a man betrays his country, regiment, gang etc then he is very likely to be summarily executed … however if he betrays his wife, partner, family then he might even receive the odd pat on the back, nudge or wink from other males …
    even the ‘no blame’ divorce is ultimately a betrayal of the spouse … so yes, I do think it is like being ‘shot’!!!

  2. As someone said, “Divorce, the legal alternative to murder”. I also feel as if he shot me. I still cannot wrap my head around what happened!

    • I know exactly what you mean. I keep thinking I’ll wake up and all this will have been a bad dream!! But actually I have ended up learning a massive amount about me – which has been good. Good luck to you too. And do keep in touch. BTW blogging can really help – and the support is incredible!

  3. You are facing in the right direction and getting stronger. The love and affection you gets from your friends will be a good part of it, and you seem thoroughly deserving of it

    • Thank you. Yes, at last, I think I am. I still get the dips – which scare me as I find my thoughts go all over the place!! But I have a very strong band of friends who are being very supportive!

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