Listen to the pouring rain…..

It rained last night. It poured.  Good.  My little garden needs it.  I’ve inherited this garden for a year. The last owner clearly loved poppies. There is a forest of them!!  (I wonder if I can harvest some opium!!).

I couldn’t face going out for my cycle ride, the prospect of getting drenched just didn’t appeal somehow.  So I sat writing out my small piece on Dominique Strauss – Klein for my French homework (bad enough to think of something in English – very tough in French) and I listened to the rain.

Sunday evenings are often difficult. The end of a weekend, that moment when people should be cuddling up to the one they love and enjoying each other’s company – whatever that brings or means. 

I re-read my flip-chart sheets, strewn as they were over my kitchen floor.  I re-read Stephen’s post on What is Love Really and I exchanged emails with him (he does give very good between-session support) on how I was feeling and whether  – finally – I’m understanding it all.  I think I am. 

But what happens now?

I listened to the rain.

I had a pampering bath – in candle-light – and gave myself a much-needed pedicure!

I listened to the rain.  And finally, in the end, I found it soothing and comforting.

Finally I fell asleep.

And by the way I’m feeling much more cheerful today!!!  Let’s face it Sunday Evenings are just S**T!!

3 thoughts on “Listen to the pouring rain…..

  1. Rain, at night, soothes me and almost always lulls me to sleep. And we need rain right now.

    I understand completely how you feel on weekend evenings. They’re the hardest part of every week–still.

  2. You had my shoulder kiddo, a soft couch, my arm across the back as I watched the rain coming down. Alone is hard but it can be peaceful as well, as long as the silence doesn’t become deafening. The was a peacefulness is your post and felt drawn in. Take care C. Aj

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