Actually – it’s his loss!!

I’ve spent far too much time over the last 2+ years  thinking I was the one that ‘lost’ and he ‘won’.  After all he just relationship-hopped – so my reckoning has always been that he must be so much happier without me – so what did I do to make him ‘close down and run’.

Actually – now I’m coming out the other side of my trauma and returning to being ‘me’ I’ve decided he’s the one who’s lost too.  Because he’s lost being with the fun, caring me that is me. The one who can make people laugh and is dynamic and amusing to be with.  The one he married in the first place. But actually an even better version of me than I was then as then I hadn’t faced all the other things I needed to and learnt how I tick and why!  Life Coaching has given me a great deal and is putting me in a better place than I have been for a very long time.

So he didn’t just lose – he lost Big Time!

6 thoughts on “Actually – it’s his loss!!

  1. Just because of the title I had to press the like button! You’re absolutely right: it is HIS loss. He lost a woman who had a lot of love to give. A woman who is amazing, and would have been there for him. A woman who is funny and caring, open and just lovely. And you – you gained a new better you!

    • Hi Robin – thank you for visiting my blog. I agree – he took all his problems with him. He needs to resolve his issues and ‘sort himself out’ maybe then it will dawn on him what he’s lost. Maybe it will just be too late by then.

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