Finally I seem to be sleeping!

For the last 5 nights I’ve slept.  By that I mean I’m not up and bouncing around at anything between 3.00 and 5.00 am!

So how come now I’m finally getting a reasonable night’s sleep am I so tired and shattered.  It’s bizarre.  When I wasn’t sleeping I seemed to have so much energy.  Now I’m exhausted!

Is this just my body adjusting itself.  I don’t know!  No doubt time will tell.

6 thoughts on “Finally I seem to be sleeping!

  1. Sleeping is a wonderful sign that you are starting to be at peace with you, so no need for the night time red alert that something is wrong.

    Values are starting to align and so no need wake you to make changes to your behaviours created by a values conflict.

    This is what we have been waiting for!

    Not suprised you are exhausted, being on red alert for danger takes it’s toll and 2+ years is quite a long time in anyones book.

    Brilliant news!

    • Oops! Shouldn’t have said anything!! It’s 2.00am! And I’m awake. But at least I know why. And you are quite right it is all to do with values as my first thoughts were all in contradiction with my values.

      Your comment and reminder are very useful. I shall concentrate on that and with luck go back to sleep.

  2. Sorry you woke up at 2:00. I suppose you are still retraining yourself to sleep. Probably normal to have an occasional “red alert” to use your LC’s term. You’re getting there.


    • Yes ‘red alerts’ still happen and did last night. As soon as I go down the nostalgia route I trigger one. And I did last night. But knowing this helps and although I didn’t exactly have as restful night as I would have liked it wasn’t as bad as the nights I used to have.

      Thank you for your hugs and thoughts

      Hugs to you too

  3. Never mind being awake at 2am, At least the trend is in the right direction. What you have been through is truly exhausting and once your mind and body come out of the hunted red alert phase a prolonged period of apparent exhaustion may well follow. It is only you catching up on yourself now the danger is passing and shows that you are on the right path.. Right or wrong paths seldom have straight lines so the odd relapse is inevitable and shouldn’t be a cause for concern.. Good luck with everything.

    • Good morning – another early riser I see!! You’re right – I do expect straight lines – and clearly I’m not going to get them!!! I’m just too impatient with me!!

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