Red Alert Triggers

Gosh I’m learning so much about me!  And it’s all so interesting and actually becoming fun!

Yesterday evening I told you all how, finally, I was starting to sleep better.  Yesterday evening I  also allowed myself one of my “What happened to the man I married” mulling over and nostalgia moments.  Last night I didn’t sleep well.

As soon as I compromise the values I truly believe in I enter the conflict zone and a Red Alert state and everything goes haywire.

So I am learning that I do this to myself!!

Blimey I’m a slow learner – it’s taken me nearly 10 months of Life Coaching to have this finally sink in!!  (It’s OK I’m not beating myself up – more of a rye grin this morning!!).

I must admit it will be more calming when I can have a nostalgic reflective moment without all my internal alarm bells going off as if an intruder has broken in on my mind!  It’s worse than the noisiest  burglar alarm, and exhausting as I chase round trying to find the intruder – especially as I don’t know who or what I’m looking for!!!

I hope that makes sense.  If not please send for the men in the white coats!!  (Especially if they’re good looking , eligible, available, adventurous and fun!!)

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