Random Acts of Kindness

I feel Random Acts of Kindness should be given more kudos in this world where we all hurry from one activity to another.  One need to another.  They should be given their own acronym and held in awe.   Yesterday I was treated to masses of RAKs!  I hope I said thank you to all those who did.  I think I did.

N (mentioned yesterday) grabbed the table I was struggling with and carried it to my pitch location. (Well it did give him the opportunity to tell everyone we met on the short walk that he had “Got me out of the shower” – something he clearly found very funny for the entire day!). The chaps from the Royal British Legion stall spent a happy 20 minutes erecting  the gazebo so I didn’t have to struggle with the more than confusing instructions (in fact all I had to do was stand and watch)! They then lent me 2 chairs as I’d forgotten to book any. Then P turned up at the end of the day just as I was unloading my car back at home and swiftly carried all the heavy boxes into the house.

Yesterday I was surrounded by people really putting themselves out to do things for me.  They all seemed to rush forward to help.  I didn’t ask any of them.  They just came forward with a  smile, a few hugs (!) and a willingness to almost ‘fall over themselves’ to make things easier.  I felt incredibly special and amazed by it all.

It is so easy to overlook those small RAKs which actually make life so special.  (Thought: Perhaps I am letting the men around me be men!! ).  Women’s Lib has it’s place (I expect to be paid the same as a man for the job I do and I expect to be offered the same opportunities.) and I won’t do the coy, pathetic little woman act to lure someone into looking after me. But, clearly, all the men who came into ‘contact’ with me yesterday had a lovely time ‘looking after me’  and I enjoyed being ‘looked after’.

So although I may still find what has happened to me hellishly harsh and definitely unwanted I am reminding myself I am surrounded by people who care (both here where I live and here on my blog) – and I would never have known that had things been different.  I am not as alone as I sometimes think and feel.

So here’s to all the RAKs of yesterday, the RAKs of today and the RAKs of tomorrow – either received or given (it’s my turn to give today).

Enjoy your day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Aw Caroline that is great – sometimes we’re not good at letting people help us and I agree we are never really as alone as we feel we are. Enjoy all those RAK’s and I hope you get lots more. I love all your illustrations too!

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