Life Coaching is getting fun now!

At long last I can say that Life Coaching is getting much more fun.  Perhaps this is the reward week for having pushed myself relentlessly through all that horror!  Maybe I’m finding the true me – the me who is ridding herself of living in a ‘fear’ state. The me who loves being me and isn’t so bothered about other people’s  views of me.  After all if I love being me and I am true to my values and rules I set on those values,  then I can be me in spades without fear!

Anyway,  today’s session was fun, and I have some fun homework this week which will involve me getting out and about and being thoroughly outrageous – which I just love doing anyway!

So I’m going to take on the various challenges Stephen has set me for the week and see how many I can achieve!

I may have difficulty on the dating challenge – the problem is I think that most of the photos of the men on the 2 dating sites I’m on make them look either like rapists or mass murderers!  Which isn’t desperately endearing!  There should be a law against bad photography!!

Now I’m not out to find “the one” – I’m out to have some fun and to stretch myself a bit.  I am in a bit of a comfort zone at the moment and I do love to be challenged.  And I have to say some of the tasks I have been set this week are definitely challenging!

I’ll let you know more as and when I achieve them!!

5 thoughts on “Life Coaching is getting fun now!

  1. Dating…wouldn’t it be more fun to meet someone while you’re out, in the park, or at a bar. Again you’re not looking for the “one” so why not just start up a conversation with a tall handsome stranger somewhere on one of your walks while your out photographing or something. It seems more promising than online dating because its more causal, less stressful, and you know what they look like in real life.
    Now there’s a challenge for you.

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