Good grief!

Having spent the evening on a ‘down’  – a real meltdown low – which I seemed to be unable to shift I’ve just tucked myself up in bed with all my Life Coaching information. My intention to really read it all through and remind myself of my values and rules and to create different states which I can call on at will so I can pick who and how I want to be when I want.

HOWEVER.  I’ve just turned on the TV and ended up watching The Sex Researchers.  Hysterical – all I can say is I am extraordinarily glad I didn’t live in an earlier century!  Though it appears Drs were performing a service which seemed to benefit both patient and Dr!!

Sorry to all those outside the UK!!

3 thoughts on “Good grief!

  1. Interesting “cure” for hysteria – the info was part of a Victorian Social History class I took in my 20s…I was quite suspicious of doctors for several years afterward!

  2. Hope your out of the “downer” now. The glooms always seem to get one when they are least expected but you always pull yourself out of them so well and I admire your determination

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