Eeyore days

(I appear to be suffering from too many long journeys to work!! – And I think I’d better change my reading matter!!)

Some days I feel like Eeyore,
And some days I feel like Tigger!
But one thing I’m clear about –
Is it’s me who controls the trigger.

So when I wake in an Eeyore mood
Feeling sad and rather fraught –
I need to change the process in my mind
And remember what Stephen’s taught.

Some days I feel like Pooh Bear
Keen for adventure in my day
But I need the wisdom Owl has
To guide me along the way.

I’d love to trap the heffalumps
Which keep tripping up my mind
And find a pal to walk with me
Who is true and fun and kind

But really what I truly want
Is to be the real me
And have  a “Christopher Robin”
To love and care for me!

With him I’ll have adventures
Courageous Trips to far flung parts
We’ll walk those wondrous desert paths
And follow just our hearts.

And when each day is over
And we’re exhausted and well fed –
He’ll gently take me by the hand
And take me off to bed!

(So I hope I shrug off my Eeyore mood of the last 2 days and have a Tigger weekend – and I hope you, my dear readers, have a Tigger weekend too!)

7 thoughts on “Eeyore days

  1. What a wonderful description – Eeyore Days. Says it all. Well, we had a fantastic Tigger evening and that will extend over the weekend. Stop braying and start growling.

  2. Reblogged this on The Secret World of S. and commented:
    This is an amazingly cute, honest and incredibly applicable to me right now composed from one of my favourite bloggers. Caroline has become an invaluable source of support, wisdom and pushing me further. I hope you enjoy reading her words as much as I did, and please check her blog out at Enjoy! 😀

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