Stepping out of my comfort zone!

I appear to be having a poetic few days!  And I hope my LC finds this amusing and also understands I’m finding it all rather hard!!

(And a big thank you to Bye2 for her lovely toenail collage! xxx)

He asked me to be outrageous
To try out something new.
So I thought about it for sometime
And I painted my toenails blue!

He asked me to go and shop around
”Surprise a shop keeper or two”
But my obstinate streak just dug in hard.
So I painted my toenails blue.

He asked me to leave my comfort zone.
Not to care about others’ view.
But I found I got incredibly cross.
So I painted my toenails blue.

The reaction I had to these requests
Just grew and grew and grew
My mind’s just fought against them all.
So I painted my toenails blue.

I want to achieve the tasks he’s set
As I promised him I would do.
So to give me the confidence to carry them out
I’ve painted my toenails blue!(And I still haven’t done any of them!)

6 thoughts on “Stepping out of my comfort zone!

  1. Blue is good
    It’s cool like you
    Be daring, paint your fingers too

    One single step
    Is easy to do
    Try just one more
    And then that’s two

    Now just one more
    That’s quite a few!
    And all through painting
    Your toenails blue.


    (I am a rubbish poet)

  2. Poetry is GOOD! When you have an Eeyore moment, think of F & S, and the crying with Laughter (not tears of sadness) when you try to recite: ‘I had taken furnished lodgings…’ G-no G-no G-no, I’m a G-nu!

  3. Another point: don’t paint your nails blue – paint them happy, stripes say! Come on gel, get painting…

  4. I love Katie’s response. Maybe one day I’ll try a poem. In the meantime, I love reading yours. Hope you have a happy day with your blue toenails. Blue is a comforting color for me. I think it’s because it was my mom’s favorite.

  5. Hey – when my counselor suggested something similar, I painted my toenails raspberry – and then had a facial. Baby steps! Maybe bungy jumping is next…although probably not for me!

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