I asked for an inflatable toy!

I have a suspicion this doesn’t count towards my ‘homework’ for this week!  It nearly does – but probably fails at the last hurdle!

I actually need a large, inflatable, white elephant – the bigger the better. So I went up to various stall holders in the market and  into several shops in my local town and asked for one!  I caused a certain amount of mirth – mainly amongst the other shoppers.  And on no occasion did I explain why!  And sadly no-one had one!

I just wonder if Stephen is going to let me count this?

(BTW – I do actually need an inflatable elephant for the demo I’m helping organise!!)

2 thoughts on “I asked for an inflatable toy!

    • OK!
      My homework was to go into any shop of my choosing and ask for something they clearly wouldn’t have – eg Go into a fashion store and ask for a beefburger! Then keep up the conversation ignoring any response from the assistant – ie ask for salad, mayonnaise, fizzy drink etc.

      Reason for doing it. Being in charge of me and not worrying about how other people see me. So stepping outside normal ‘perceived’ behaviour – things we all do to ‘fit in’. Breaking the pattern.

      No doubt Stephen will elaborate if I’ve got this wrong!

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