Seeing it in Print

Why is it that I can be doing quite well.  Well I think I have been!  And soldier on without too many issues and then when a large white envelope arrives in my post box full of documents from my solicitor I plummet like a stone yet again.

And plummet I did.  Was it seeing the part that said Alex intends to cohabit that hit hardest? (And I’ve known that’s what he is or intends doing all along so that’s not exactly new information). Or just the fact that my marriage has now been reduced to a lengthy legal document full of words like “Applicant” and “Respondent”.  It’s all so cold.   There is no affection in the legal process of divorce.  Just one’s own personal memories of love, affection and happiness.  I know that’s how it has to be, that it can’t be anything else.  But yesterday it hurt and I wept buckets.

It’s not over yet either.  Still the papers will be bounced, once again, between my solicitor and his, as yet again words need to be changed and paragraphs clarified.  More cost!

So for me the Longest Day was incredibly long. And so, so sad.

8 thoughts on “Seeing it in Print

  1. It is an horrendous process Caroline and your reaction is absolutely understandable. I’m sorry you had to get that yesterday-but it is over, your longest day. Try and give yourself a treat today! (can’t you just get your solicitor to do all the backwards and forwards without you having to cross every t? That’s what you are paying them for – oh but I could go off on one about the whole ghastly process!!). I hope your day today is better. Thinking about you 🙂

    • HI. Thank you for your lovely thoughts. I have to say today isn’t too brilliant either but I have Life Coaching later today – and no doubt that will kick me out of my gloom – it tends to work a certain amount of magic on my mood – so hears hoping it does today!

      As to the solicitors – yes she is doing all the work – It’s just I have to approve everything which means wading through it all!! xxx

  2. That was a horrible experience and your reaction to it was totally understandable and reasonabe. Divorce is a horrible business and letters from solicitors writing about it never help. I can offer nothing but sympathy and hope the Life Coach works his magic on you today

  3. Thank you for the hug! I really need hugs today! one of the women I’m working with on the anti-stadium project has just heard I’m upset and turned up here with a bouquet of flowers and a tub of ice cream to cheer me up. Aren’t people just wonderful! I am very lucky to have you all ‘out there’ and all the friends I have here too.

    Thank you!

  4. How awful, having to read those words no matter how much you knew you probably would. Be thankful that you are not the one writing them, and therefore you are’ ‘notarat’! A & OW are the low life, and you are blameless, always keep that in mind. Pity I shall be away, as I/we would be round giving you lots of hugs and laughs and hoping to cheer you up. I shall try and see what I can do by way of encouragement from across the pond. Gnus stick together forever!

  5. thank you. I’ve just come back from an LC session and do feel a great deal better! As usual he has worked his magic and I have worked my way out of the dismals.

    Have a truly splendid hols


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