Back on track!

After my week of getting cross (with the ‘homework’)  and then plummeting on Tuesday, a session of life coaching and I feel a great deal better.

So despite my threats (to myself) to give up on the LC and various other negative thoughts/ states I created for myself, I’m carrying on, because it does work!  I do feel so much better as a result!  Though rather exhausted. I feel as though i could sleep for a week even though I’ve just slept through the night – a good sign I’m doing better!

All I now need to do is stabilise all this and have some good goals so I get the future I want to have. Rather than sit about waiting for it to happen!

Enjoy your day everyone.

6 thoughts on “Back on track!

  1. Nice to read and great to know you are feeling better. “The darkest hour is always before the dawn” and hopefully a new dawn has risen in your life. The way you battle through the dark periods is more impressive than you can ever know, and inspires many people to tackle their own problems with your determination.

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