A cause is becoming my hobby!

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may have picked up that I’ve been caught up in a local cause.  A cause which I seem to have become fairly passionate about!

The cause is to save an area of green-belt land – currently a very active airfield – from being concreted over and turned into housing and a sports stadium.

Last weekend the team I am in did some filming.  The theme of this film was taken from the suggestion made by a traffic management survey that the residents in these new houses wouldn’t need to drive to the shops as they’ll be living so close………

(sorry I haven’t added an automatic link – as this will give me away amongst my fellow campaigners with access to the GASP website and blog!)

I hope it makes you smile!

6 thoughts on “A cause is becoming my hobby!

  1. Yes, it did. Especially the two guys riding back with a table and the poor old guy who nearly fell off his bike and then just walked off and left it there. Hope it goes well for you

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