That sums me up really.  I get very passionate about things and then very tenacious!

Give me a cause I believe in and I throw myself into it “hook, line and sinker!”  and carry on with amazing enthusiasm. (Which is probably why I find kicking the habit of believing in my marriage so difficult!).

It does have its plus side though!  It’s bringing out a very strong determination in me to get through this.  All I need is a bit more passion for it!!  After all why in hell’s name I can’t have the same passion for my future as I did for my marriage goodness only knows!!

Still dealing with the ‘save the airfield’ project is reminding me that I can get passionate about things – which is a good thing!  I need a bit of reminding from time to time!

So I hope you, my dear reader, also get passionate about things and then throw yourself into them.

Getting Passionate about my future is my challenge!  And having some goals to get passionate about is what I need – because then I’ll commit myself to them.

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