Re-reading past posts and pages!

Good morning my dear readers.

I’ve just spent the last hour having a long re-read of this blog!!  I’ve read all the pages I created along the way.  I’ve gone over some of the old posts.

How extraordinarily therapeutic this has been.  Yes I’ve had a weep as I reminded myself of the dark catastrophic place I was in when I started out on this blogging marathon.  The Eureka Moments I’ve had along the way (and why do I think there still might be more to come?) have been wonderful to read.  Even though the 2nd has been so incredibly tough to acknowledge and will need – one day – to be faced and dealt with.

It is true – I have come a long way!

But I still want more.  And the great thing is that having reminded myself of how far I have come I now realise that I can get the rest!!!  After all – all I need to do is double the ‘distance’!

I hope the sun is shining on your day today.  It looks as though, finally, the sun is about to shine here in the UK.

Have a lovely day everyone.  Now I must get going and not waste this day by sitting about doing very little!!

5 thoughts on “Re-reading past posts and pages!

  1. I’ve been reading my old posts, too. I figure now that D is probably reading I want to know how many times I’ve insulted him. Quite a few, probably. But I see, too, that I’ve often been pretty kind to him. I’m still trying to decide whether to move the blog.

    Enjoy your sunshine. Have a happy day!

  2. I’m sure you feel really proud of yourself reading over your blog Caroline, it has been a journey and haven’t you come a long way? I hope the future and the ‘more’ you want arrives soon – if it is any consolation (it won’t be!) it has been a joy to read. Hope you had a great day!

  3. I hav’nt been around long enough to read my old posts really but I always enjoy reading yours and the sense of the journey you are on which they show. I always feel myself on the sidelines cheering you on

  4. Thank you. It is a great consolation to know people have enjoyed reading this. Even if enjoy isn’t quite the right word.

    I decided at the beginning that I would blog each and every step – forwards and backwards – and that if, by doing so, I could help anyone else going through a similar process then that would be an added reward.

    I hope it has helped others – even if only by knowing that others ‘out there’ who understand.

    I shall keeping ‘bashing on’ and hope that you all reach your ultimate goal – the one you’ve set for you – as I am determined to reach mine.

    Good luck everyone. And “Keep on Blogging”!

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