I will not step blindly!

I will not and cannot step blindly into each task I am set. Be that in my job or, currently, in my life coaching homework.  I have to understand the reason and also accept the reason is valid. I also accept that I can be wrong.  I think I am pretty good at acknowledging when I am wrong.

99% of what I’ve learnt in my Life Coaching sessions I agree with.  I may have been confused at the time.  Even disagreed for a time, fought against some aspects and argued my case, but eventually I’ve understood and taken the next step towards understanding me and the future I can give myself – if I allow myself the opportunity.

It will be interesting to look back in a few weeks time and see if I finally did take the step and carry out the task Stephen set me over a week ago and I still haven’t carried out. Whether I do it and whether I do it for me or just to tick the box for him, so I can say “I did it” remains to be seen.  Ultimately unless it’s for me it’s not worth doing – because this is all about me!

For now I don’t see the reason.  So it remains on the ‘to do’ list.  It may stay there forever.  It may not.  But I will not be pushed into doing something just to tick a box!!  Intriguing nonetheless!  Am I right?  Or am I wrong?  Am I digging in??  I can be very stubborn!

These views and thoughts blossom and die at speed as they flash through my mind, a bit like the mini forest of poppies in my rented garden.  They have to have a reason to flower and bloom.  Each one has its time.  It lasts as long as it should (merely a day in the case of my poppies).  Each sews the seeds of a new idea and I move on to view and look at the new blooms of tomorrow.  Slowly I climb to the top.

3 thoughts on “I will not step blindly!

  1. I’m confident you’ll figure out what’s best for you. I see your dilemma, though. I wouldn’t do it just to check it off either. But I would be wondering, “Is this one of those things I won’t understand until I try it?” Good luck.

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