Evening Update!

I’ve taken Penny at her word!

I saw some incredible sights when I went to India last year.  One of the most amazing was the Taj Mahal.  No photo does it justice as it is just breathtaking.  It was an incredibly moving experience – so moving I cried!

The stone work is amazing – all the designs are inlaid stones!

And this proves that some of the rest of the tour was quite charming!

5 thoughts on “Evening Update!

  1. Caroline … I don’t ‘do’ snakes … how could you bear it … I would pass out with terror … how I live in Africa I do not know!!!!!

  2. Neither do !!! – it was a rather un-nerving experience. None of the rest of the group was prepared to do it!! I don’t know what came over me – I suppose being egged on by the tour guide (who was very dishy – sadly only 27!!!)

  3. Brilliant! Those designs really are amazing. Travel really is so good for us and I’m sure you will have plenty more just as exciting soon but in the meantime your stories and your photos from previous ones are just as thrilling for us! Love this 🙂

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