I’m turning into an activist

Having never demonstrated about anything in my entire life I now seem to be coming addicted to it!

Yesterday I joined a group of protesters against the HS2 rail link.  I have to be honest here and say my motives were not only because I disagree with the destruction of green belt land.  I also wanted to see how they organised their demo and also to see if some could be persuaded to join our one against the stadium proposals next Saturday!   But I ended up getting quoted in our local paper’s on-line news!!

It’s all rather un-nerving to be at the centre to something so vital.  I just hope we get the 1000 people we want.  Clearly we are going to need them as the ‘developer’ has spent the last week producing wonderful artistic impressions of his proposed development which are very seductive.  It’s War!!   And if I have my way the side I’m on will win and our precious, active airfield will survive and not be concreted over!

We made another video the other day to show up some more of the flaws in the so called plan!


4 thoughts on “I’m turning into an activist

  1. Caroline, in my previous life I was a planning councillor (one of the committee who said yes or no to planning applications). It doesn’t matter how many people you have against the planning proposal, all arguments have to be made on planning law. No decisions can be made because however many people are against it – not even if it is a whole town. If you have some really good planning law arguments then you have a chance, if not, then you don’t.

    I may be telling you what you already know, but just in case I’m not …. 🙂

  2. Yes we know! We’re working on all fronts. The council own the airfield and bought it on an agreement it would stay an airfield – so we are working on many fronts!

  3. Hi Caroline,
    So glad you discovered me. Popped into your site and have been reading. Love how you write and with all your heart. Also admire your activist heart and focus. We’ll “see you around”!

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