Internet Dating

I’ve just had a mini-surf round various blogs.  Linking through those who comment here!

Wow!  Clearly I’m doing very badly on the Internet Dating front if others are to be believed.  There’s the woman who has been on 189 dates. There are those who are continually “winked” at….. I could go on.

Me – well I’ve had the famous Mr Friday date – who kindly called me a Cheap Tart!  I’ve been contacted by a worrying collection of young men – way out of my age range and I’ve stared horrified by some of the photos of some older ‘specimens’ who clearly feel any old photo will do regardless of whether it does them justice or not.  And mostly it is a big fat NOT!

There have been some who are so inept they can’t even work out how to send an email!   I’m stunned they actually managed to get as far as being on any dating site.  And finally, I’ve had some interesting suggestions which I don’t feel up to taking up!

But dates I haven’t had!

And since my ambition is to remove myself from this solitary state, I clearly need to find better sites!  To be fair one site I’m on is OK – just rather sparse on options!

I must say I look forward to some more amusing encounters!

If nothing else it will help in my quest to stop my sub-conscious scuppering my outlook on life which can, far too frequently, drag me to the edge of that Chilean Mine which still hangs around in the corner of my garden ready to suck me down should I allow myself to trip!  (if you follow me – and if you don’t just have a quick search of this blog and you soon will!!)

4 thoughts on “Internet Dating

  1. Have you thought about trying a US site? There were a lot of hansome single male specimens over in CT who were looking for ‘company’ of the right age. Silver-haired, some divorced, some widdowed, and wanting a gal to share retirement adventures with.

    Maybe I could get my friend to bring a couple over for inspection/interview…?

  2. Thanks both. Yes I think sit back and wait is a good idea. And if anyone from the USA wants to come over for my inspection that sounds like a very good idea!!

    Thanks for making me smile and giggle!

  3. I was looking forward to some amusing anecdotes before you finally met ‘the one’ Caroline … my friends daughter met the most fabulous guy on a site called ‘my best friend’ or something like that … I think the friend is the one who sets it up or describes you or whatever … seems to be quite a good filter :-))

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