Bother – It’s raining!

Today is Demonstration day!

Our White Elephant Parade through our local town.  It’s all very ‘proper and civilised’.  Our announcements have even said “2.00 for 2.30” – sounds as if we’ll be serving cocktails first!!

I must admit it’s a bit nerve-racking – that frisson of excitement – will anyone turn up?  Will enough people turn up?  We want at least 1000!  We’ve leaflet dropped 12,000 leaflets – so SOMEONE must come!

So I will put on my bright red T-shirt – with GASP written across my chest (bosom is too grand a word where I’m concerned!) and I will add my bright-orange hi-viz vest – which apparently means I’m a PR person and available to give Press interviews! And thus attired I will do my bit!  Well at least no-one will run over me – unless they head in my direction given my beacon like appearance!

Of course why I’m enjoying all this is it meets – head on – my values of Adventure, Risk & Significance!

So despite the rain I shall enjoy myself!  And I don’t mind getting wet.  I just hope 1000 other people don’t mind either!!

One thought on “Bother – It’s raining!

  1. I agree with bother it’s raining. There is a regatta here which I was looking forward to watching but it does’nt have quite the same feeling when you’re huddled under an umbeella

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