The Happiness Index

Apparently our Government has decided to find out what makes us happy.  Personally I feel they should be spending their time on better and more important things!!

But hey – I suppose it’s the latest wheeze!

So what makes me happy?  As one who has just spent the last 10 months having “To be Happy”  as her goal I should, I suppose, have a few pointers!!

Well I’ve thought about this on my drive to work this morning.  I am sure lots of people will be listing specific ideas and concepts which ‘make them happy’!  But I don’t believe they will truly come up with a definitive answer.

I could say that my marriage made me happy. It did – Very! But that is shifting the responsibility onto someone else.  I now believe that the responsibility belongs within.

For me Happiness is what I give myself when I meet my top 10 values 100% of the time.

It’s for me to choose and me to give to myself.  And more and more often these days I’ve found I’m finally able to choose.  I’m finally able to stop myself going backwards to the edge of my Chilean Mine. 

Perhaps – at last – I’m beginning to ‘get it’!!!   To understand all the Life Coaching I’ve been taught!!  To understand why Values are important and how the Rules I apply to those Values matter so much.

I still have an inkling that I need to understand more.  I need to re-affirm what I’ve learned to be sure I’ve not missed anything. 

I need to improve my Goals and ensure I make strides towards them!

3 thoughts on “The Happiness Index

  1. Over the time I have been following your blog, despite the setbacks, you have gradually got chirpier and in greater control of your own destiny. It has been a delight following your journey

  2. Thank you. It’s been like learning a foreign language. I’ve understood the individual words but the meaning has eluded me until recently.

    At least now I can see that the journey has the possibility of being fun!

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